Sunday, 12 September 2010

Let them eat cake – Queen's Wood 2010

Thanks to everyone who came down to support this one. Hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did and I got a lot out of the 40 or so other pieces and performances. One of the things that I realised this weekend is that some people really want to have an interpretation handy when they're looking at outside art and of course it's rarely if ever there. Either you 'get it' or you walk away. Or maybe you like something but don't appreciate it's full story, and why would you? The start point for me here as with everyone who created pieces just for the show was 'Cut Back', Tony and Judith's theme for this year. I got thinking about bankers, multi-million pound bonuses and before I knew it I was thinking about people who remain in a defiantly privileged position – hence, Marie Antoinette's apocryphal words. "Let them eat cake."

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